トータルバランスの追求!/Pursuit of total balance!


We are developed to clear an established noise regulation here in Japan and to improve performance up and sound. Gain the favor and develop our original idea without being made an exclusive design and compromising with each car model. we repeat Dyno Test and a runing test with a finished trial product and collect data and decide the last specifications.

確かな技術と豊富な経験/Proven technology and experienced craftsmen


schaferhund EXHAUST SYSTEMは完全に社内に於いて各車種に最適な高品質エキゾーストシステムを開発、生産、販売して参りました。社内には匠の技を持つ職人達が一つ一つハンドメイドで組み上げ、Tig溶接で仕上げた製品はまさに排気系の芸術品です。近年では海外からもJapanese Meisterとして高い評価を受けており、輸出量も増加しております。多くの場合、見えなくなってしまう部分だからこそ丁寧に創り上げいく、決して派手ではないけれど本物のエキゾーストシステムを提供していきたい、これが私共ARQRAYのポリシーです

schaferhund EXHAUST SYSTEM has developed, produced and sold a high-quality exhaust system perfectly suited for each vehicle type in the company. Inside the company, craftsmen with craftsmanship have assembled handmade one by one, products finished by Tig welding are exactly art works of exhaust system. In recent years, it has received high praise from overseas as Japanese Meister, export volume has also increased. In many cases, we will carefully create it because it is a part that will disappear, we would never be loud but we would like to offer a genuine exhaust system, this is our policy of ARQRAY .

ブランド沿革/Brand History

2007年 / Year 2007
国産車専用ブランド schaferhund 登場                                Japanese-car exclusive brand schaferhund appears
2010年 / Year 2010
加速騒音に対応させたスポーツマフラー登場                           Appearance of sports muffler corresponding to acceleration noise